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Japan Chemical e-data Search started its business aiming at outsourcing market of fine chemical custom manufacturing. But now our scope expand to meet the requirement from wider range of customers. 

You can search your partner by chemical (with CAS#), directory of synthesize technology and service (syntheses, separation, purification, preparative isolation, processing, analysis and testing), the facility such as rectors and distillation columns and chemicals applications as well as the variety of keywords. 

All pages are bilingual (Japanese and English)

You can find your best outsourcing manufacturer from 5 types of search features: Chemicals with CAS#, directories of custom synthesis technologies (synthesis / separation, purification and preparative isolation / manufacturing / analyzing and testing), reactors feature, distillation columns feature and applications. Furthermore, you can use technical terms as your search key.

We have 53,833 substances with CAS registry numbers in our database (as of 2021/7/25).
You can search by CAS#. For instance, if you type 110-52-1 in "Search for CAS"box", the result include ENCS and ISHL registry numbers.

In the "Handling Company" information below, all the companies dealing the chemical are listed in an individual category. The categories are divided in Manufacturers, Dealers, Importers and Exporters for local companies and new categories will be added when new overseas company registers to our client list. Current categories for overseas customers are Chinese Manufactures and European Manufactures.

When you click Manufacturers in Handling Company section, there are lists of companies manufacturing the chemical.
The ones with "Data" button have their own information page in our site. Only the basic information (company name, address, tel. & fax #, website address and e-mail address) is available for the ones without the button.

If you want to narrow down the search, select the ones you are most interested in from the pull down menu in the top of the list and press "it narrows down for use". It enables you to choose the most appropriate company from its application or development stage.

You can also search chemicals by Chemical names or molecular formula in either complete or partial form.


You can also search chemicals by its application. Select from the application list.
*Applications registered as search key are listed below

Drug Substance, Intermediate for Pharmaceuticals, Drugs for Animal, Pharmaceutical Additives, Agrochemical Active Ingredients, Intermediate for Agrochemicals, Intermediates for Organic Dyestuffs & Pigments, Dyeing Assistants, Pigment Additives, Colorants, Specialty Colorants, Flavors & Fragrances, 
Raw Material for Cosmetics, Food Additives, Feed Aditives, Raw Materials for Plastics, Plastic Additives
Solvent Plasticizer, Epoxy Resin(reactive) Diluent, Antioxidants, Ultraviolet Stabilizers, Sirane Coupling Agent, Rubber Chemicals, Solvents, Surfactants, Lubricant Additives, Flocculants, Cationic Agent, Photosensitive Materials, Printing Inks, Paints, Adhesives, Catalysts, Reagents, Antibacterial Agents, 
Fine Ceramics, Biotechnology, Information & Electronic Equipment Uses, Liquid Crystal, Environment-friendly Uses

You can search a certain chemical from directories of custom synthesis technologies (synthesis / separation, purification and preparative isolation / manufacturing / analyzing and testing). 

For instance, if you click "Reaction, Toxic Substances", you can see the list of 35 companies specialized in the field.
Furthermore, if you want to narrow down your search result, you can click "Search for reactor"on the page and you will see the list of companies who own custom synthesis reactors you need selected from the 37 companies who are specialized in toxic substances遮 reaction.


You can find the outsourcing company with certain reactors by combination search of reactor。ヌs Material, Capacity, Pressure (kg/cm) and Temperature (C).
If you select each condition from pull down menu and press the search button, you can see the name of companies match the search key with the list of keywords. Keywords can be used to narrow down your search.
  You can also search by the keyword.If you select "Search for Keyword" and type a certain keyword in the box, you will see the list of company match the keyword with specification of reactors they own. 
  Search key for reactors are listed on the below.
It is the combination search of Material, Capacity, Number of Theoretical Plate, Reduced Pressure Level and Heating condition.
The search result includes the keywords as in rector search.
You can also search by the keywords.
Search key for Distilled Column Search are listed on the below.