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+ Oxidation
Hydrogenation (34 item(s))
Reduction, Metalic hydride (47 item(s))
Reduction, Catalytic (38 item(s))
Hydrogeneration (48 item(s))
Reduction, High-pressure (19 item(s))
Reduction, High/Middle-pressure (37 item(s))
Reduction, Electrolytic (3 item(s))
Re, Electroless (5 item(s))
Reduction, Birch (16 item(s))
Wolff-Kishner-reduction (18 item(s))
Reduction, Na/Li (29 item(s))
+ Halogenation
+ Reaction, Organometallic
+ Reaction by using harmful, toxic and malodorous marerial
+ Reaction under special circumstances
+ Nitration, Diazotization, Sulfonation
+ Polymerization
+ Coupling reaction
+ Other organic reaction
+ Compound synthesis
+ By using microbeantibiotics
+ Inorganic reaction
+ Others
+ Separation, Purification, Fractionation, Drying
+ Environments and recycling, Processing, CVD, and others
+ Assaying
+ Bio and development of new drugs

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