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+ Oxidation
+ Reduction
+ Halogenation
+ Reaction, Organometallic
+ Reaction by using harmful, toxic and malodorous marerial
+ Reaction under special circumstances
+ Nitration, Diazotization, Sulfonation
+ Polymerization
+ Coupling reaction
+ Other organic reaction
+ Flow synthesis
+ Bio and development of new drugs
openCompound synthesis
+ Synthsis of optically active compounds
Oganic sulfur compound (33 item(s))
Organosilicon compound (15 item(s))
Acid chlorides (57 item(s))
Fluorine compound (25 item(s))
Phosphoric compound (35 item(s))
Peptide synthesis (5 item(s))
Chiral compound (17 item(s))
+ Inorganic reaction
+ Others
+ By using microbeantibiotics
+ Separation, Purification, Fractionation, Drying
+ Mixture, Dispersion, Melt, Toning, Filling
+ Environments and recycling, Processing, CVD, and others
+ Assaying

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