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Okami Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Paid-in Capital

15 million yen

Number of Employees

31 (as of September 2003)

Annual Sales Revenue

770 million yen

Facilities and Equipments

*Specification of new plant


Small scale production / Oxidation, Heavy metal compound / No-pressure distillation / High temperature reaction (over 200 C degree) / Drying, (No-pressure/Vacuum) / Liquid chromatography analysis(LC) / Hydrogen cyanide, Sodium cyanide, Potassium cyanide / Reduction, Nitro compound / Azidation / Oxidation, Peroxide / Vacuum distillation / Low temperature reaction (over -20 C degree) / Nitration / Acylation / Organic lithium / Oganic sulfur compound / Fine Grinding ( <1000μm->=10μm ) / Gas chromatography analysis / Karl Fischer moisture analysis / Specific gravity / Rectification / Reduction, Catalytic / Column purification / Diazotization / Grignard reaction / Optical resolution / Head Space Gas Chromatography(HS/GC) / Hydrogeneration / Acid chlorides / Diazo-coupling reaction / Halogenate, Diverse halogenating agents / Mercaptan / Amination / Sulfonation / Phosphoric compound / Production of pharmaceuticals/cosmetics / Halogenate, Thionyl chloride, Sulfuryl chloride etc / Extraction / Gas absorption / Chlorosulfonation / Crystallization / Optical rotation / Sulfonamidation / Chiral compound / Optical resolution / Flexibility / Wolff-Kishner-reduction / Thin layer chromatograph(TLC) / Fusing point / Reduction, Na/Li / Coagyulation point / Recrystallization / Esterification / Potentiometric titration / Filtration / Carbonylation / Friedel-Crafts reaction / Formylation / Racemization / Leuckart reaction / Dehalogenation / Acid amide /

Manufacture's Feature

We contribute to keep someone in good health through custom manufacturing of bulk pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical intermediates.

The company, originally founded as chemical manufacturer, has built its operating base on synthesis technologies. Under the quality control system that meet GMP standard, we manufacture bulk pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical intermediates and investigational new drugs. Custom manufacturing of general chemical products is also available.

Specialized Areas

Custom manufacturing of bulk pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical intermediates
The bulk pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical intermediates manufactured under the advanced product management system that meet GMP standard always received high evaluation from our customers and they have high level of confidence in our ability to provide high quality products. In order to meet diversity of demands from our customers, we will continue to work hard to improve our product management system.

*Custom manufacturing of investigative new drugs and prototypes
We support our customers’ clinical trial in overseas by using our accumulated experiences of IND manufacture. We will also propose the best synthetic method for each process from R&D to mass production.

Specialized Technologies

We are always ready to meet your requests with wide range of synthesis technologies we have accumulated over the years of experience in custom manufacturing  and research.

Acylation reaction, synthesis of amino compound, Wolff-Kishner reduction, esterification reaction, reduction reaction, grignard reaction, Schotten-Baumann reaction,  thiolate reaction, halogenation reaction, synthesis of heterocyclic compound, Friedel-Crafts reaction, optical resolution, Leuckart reaction, high temperature reaction (to 300 C degree), low temperature reaction (to minus 80 C degree), column separation and other organic synthesis reactions


New Research and development wing (Kilo-lab) has been completed

We installed kilo-lab ultra-low temperature reactor (reaction temperature of minus 150 C degree to minus 80 C degree) of 30 litters capacity.

We will welcome your order for hit compounds and lead compounds that are vital for pharmaceutical research.

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

The new plant exclusively used for IND is completed.

We can handle the reaction temperature of minus 80 C degree to 270 C degree with reactor capable of handling 300 litters to 1000 litters and we also have facilities for column purification and autoclave with production control system meeting cGMP requirement.
*Specification of new plant

Plant facilities
Flexible system of production from high-mix low-volume manufacture to mass production

300L ultra-low temperature reactor

Reactor : 50 to 5000L (GL, SUS, Hastelloy)
Distillation apparatus : 100 to 3000L (GL, SUS)
Autoclave : 100L
Extraction filter : pressure filtration unit, vacuum filtration unit, centrifugal separators
Dryer:decompression dryers, vibro fluid bed dryers (SUS)

1,000L GL reactor

Analytical Instrument
State-of-art analytical instrument guarantees to provide you our high quality products and services.

High-speed liquid chromatography
gas chromatography

Infrared spectrophotometer
Ultraviolet and visible ray spectrophotometer
Karl-Fischer titrator
potentiometrical titrator
Melting point apparatus
electric balance

Qualification for Quality Control

Our quality control system meets the worldwide standard.

We meet the requirement of both domestic and international GMP standard such as FDA inspection not only for our final products but also for each step of their manufacturing process including synthesis in order to build global standard quality control system to live up to our customers expectation.

* DMF submitted
* EDQM submitted
* FDA inspection, inspected by Pharmaceutical Division Department of Health and Social Services, number of past record of inspection by our users

Other Features

Custom manufacturing at oversea site is available (Business partner in China and India)

Company Information

  • 611-0041 78,Emba,Makishima-cho,Uji-Shi,Kyoto,Japan
  • Tel.+81-774-22-6880 Fax.+81-774-21-2493
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