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Manufacture's Feature

 Founded in 2016, “Shanghai Rolechem Co., Ltd. (Rolechem)” is a professional R&D and manufacturer of Lithium and Sodium battery electrolyte additives, high-end electronic chemicals and functional polymer material monomers, and it has been rewarded as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai.
With outstanding R&D capabilities, Rolechem develops a wide range of products to actively meet customers’ needs, and provides them with "one-stop" service from small test, pilot test to mass production. Our wholly-owned subsidiary “Shanghai Chemrole Co., Ltd.” has done international trade of chemicals for many years, is experienced in chemicals’ import & export and maintained long-term good cooperation with many well-known chemical companies in China and abroad.
We have two R&D centers in Shanghai Minhang District and Pudong New District, with a R&D team over than 80 researchers led by 5 key technical staff, and hired many domestic and foreign experts as technical consultants in the field of Lithium battery, semiconductors and monomers. Until Dec. 31th, 2022, we have applied for 64 related patents, including 23 China's invention patents and 11 international patent.
We have a production base (Rolechem (Shandong) Co., Ltd.) in Shandong province, and Jiangsu plant (Rolechem (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.) is also under construction. Complete production management process and quality management system are applied and we are ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and IATF16949 certificated.
In the future, Rolechem will continue to forge ahead, create better R&D and production environment, provide customers with various high-tech products, and contribute its share to the development of new energy and new material industries.

Specialized Areas

 R&D, production and marketing of Lithium battery electrolyte additives, Sodium battery electrolyte additives, electronic chemicals and functional polymer material monomers.

Specialized Technologies

 Main Reaction List

Main Reaction List
No Reaction Workshop Special Reaction Condition
1 Esterification Reaction 1 -15~150℃/ ordinary pressure
2 Condensation Reaction 1 -15~150℃/ ordinary pressure
3 Fluoridation 2 HF/20Bar/ high pressure & ordinary pressure
4 Grignard Reaction 2 -15~100℃/ ordinary pressure
5 Hydrolysis Reaction 2 -15~150℃
6 Addition Reaction 2 -15~150℃/ ordinary pressure
7 Substitution Reaction 2 -15~150℃/ ordinary pressure
8 Oxidation Reaction 3 200℃/10Bar
9 Nitration 3 Microreactor
10 Hydrogenation Reaction 3 20Bar
11 Butyllithium Reaction 3 -80℃
12 Electrolytic Reaction 3 -15~150℃/ ordinary pressure



Standardized R&D process:
      route screening and determination → route optimization → scale up → cost control → mass production

R&D team with over than 80 researchers led by 5 key technical staff

Until Dec. 31th, 2022, we have applied for 64 related patents, including 23 China's invention patents and 11 international patent.
        LiDFP has been patented in Japan And Korea,
        LiFSI, LiTFSI and VES has been patented in Japan.


New Product & Developed Product

Lithium battery electrolyte additives:

Sodium battery electrolyte additives:
     NaPF6, NaFSI, NaODFB, NaDFP, NaBF4 and etc.

Electronic chemicals:
     6FXY, 6FAP, 4HFA and etc.


Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

To see our Equipment List (Lab).Click “here” 

To see our Equipment List (Factory).Click “here” 


Qualification for Quality Control

IATF16949:2016 & ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015 & ISO45001:2018

To continuously maintain technology and product advantages, we do R&D and production in accordance with ISO standards strictly, and standard operating process and quality management system are applied. Supplier inspection, material inbound management, production process management, outbound inspection management, transportation management, and etc are under control. Also, we focus on improving the quality of our employees to ensure product quality in all aspects.

Qualification for Environmental Issues

Our factories are in chemical industrial park, all wastes are disposed in accordance with national regulations.


Plant Location of Custom Manufacturing


Rolechem (Shandong) Co., Ltd. (Shandong Plant)No.3 Jindan Road, Jining New Materials lndustrial Park, Shandong province, China

Rolechem (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Plant)
(under construction)

R&D center

R&D Center in Pudong (Pudong Zhongguoxin Science and Technology Park)

R&D Center in Minhang
(Minhang Jindiweixin High-tech Park) 

Other Features

【Annual sales trend】

  • 2020: RMB 416 million (around $57.10 million);
  • 2021: RMB 672 million (around $92.19 million);
  • 2022: RMB 814 million (around $111.60 million):


key word

Lithium battery, Sodium battery, electrolyte additives, electronic chemicals, LiFSI, LiDFOB, LiDFP, LiBOB, LiBF4, NaPF6, NaFSI

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