SHIKOKU KASEI GROUP has its origins in a business started by two young engineers based on the invention of an innovative manufacturing method for carbon disulfide, the raw material for the chemical fiber, rayon. It was 1947, shortly after the end of the war.
Since its founding, our DNA of "unique manufacturing methods" has gradually sublimated into unrivaled R&D capabilities, and today we are recognized as a chemical manufacturer with a number of products that, although niche, hold one of the world's leading market shares.
Meanwhile, in 1970, we invented “JULUX”, an innovative plastering material that makes use of our knowledge of Chemicals. Along with the exterior products, which we soon started, JULUX has shaped our Housing Materials business today.
SHIKOKU CHEMICALS CORPORATION shifted to a holding company structure on January 1, 2023, aiming to achieve a significant leap forward in each of the two businesses; Chemicals and Housing Materials, which differ greatly in their characteristics.
Respectively, based on our corporate philosophy “Doku-sou-ryoku (creativity),” creative ideas as the driving force of our development, we have made a new start.
We “transform” the technologies that we have accumulated thus far into next-generation products, and create a virtuous cycle for the earth, people, and lifestyles through technology and product proposals. We see the word "KASEI" as the power to change while creating something better.
Our slogan is “to become a company making a proposal one step ahead with Doku-sou-ryoku (creativity).”
“Transform the future" - We would like to ask for your continued support for SHIKOKU KASEI GROUP, which takes a new step forward toward becoming a company that will last for 100 years.