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If you find an error in each number or name, we would appreciate it if you could contact us from "Contact us" in above.

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if you select the category from the pull down menu in advance, the search result is limited to a certaion group of substances.

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We have 57,273 substances with CAS registry numbers in our database (as of 2022/12/31).

The company is classified into the "manufacture company", the "dealer company", the "import trader", and the "exporter", and subdivision is done for every use of a chemistry article, respectively.

CAS# search

Type CAS#. You can omit hyphen.

Keyword search( search by chemical name and molecular formula

Use chemical name or molecular formula as a search key. The search result will be the list of chemicals partially matches the keyword highlighted in red letter.

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If you select the category from the pull down menu in advance, the search result is limited to a certain group of substances.

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The search result includes CAS#, ENCS and ISHL registry number, molecular formula, Japanese/English name including alias. It also shows the list of "Handling Company" as Manufacturers, Dealers, Importers and Exporters.

We provide ENCS and ISHL registry numbers based on the data from our registered clients. Although we did our best to avoid an error, due to the nature and volume of information contained in our database, occasional errors of fact, omission and judgment cannot be completely excluded. Japan Chemical e-data Corporation expressly disclaims any warranty against or liability for such occasional errors. In case a certain substance has no ENCS registry number, the reason may be either our inadequate investigation or the client may notify the substance under Low Volume Exemption.

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Handling companies are categorized and listed as Manufacturers, Dealers, Importers and Exporters.

List of manufacturers for the chemical appears if you click “Manufacturers.”

Filter by Development stage/Application

You can narrow down your search result by its development stage and application.

Select the one you are most interested in from the “Filter by development stage and application” pull-down menu above the handling company list and list of companies registered under the category of application will appear.

The category of application here is based on our clients' voluntary information, not general application for chemicals.