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How to register

There are three ways to register your company, basic information, basic plus monolingual ad and basic plus bilingual ad.

By placing an ad in the site, you can attract more attention from your potential customers with your technologies and facilities information. The list of registered chemicals is also available only with monolingual and bilingual ad.

Basic information

Price:US$1.500.00 for one-year contract

Including the following information both in Japanese and English on your page.

Company name, address, telephone and fax number, URL and e-mail address.

The annual fee include the registration fee of your products up to 400 chemicals, and additional fee of USD1.00 is required for every one additional chemical beyond the maximum (400 chemicals). You can register Raw materials only and testing agent are excluded.

Bottomless registration of your reaction technology

Monolingal Ad.

Price: US$2,000.00 (including basic information) for one-year contract

Including the following information in either English or in Japanese:

Capital, composition of stockholders, number of employee, annual sales, manufacture's feature, realm of expertise, specialty in technology, R&D structure, new products and developments, feature in facility, QA system, environment measure such as wastewater treatment and exhaust gas treatment, plant location for custom manufacturing, number of employee working for custom manufacturing, other comments and search keyword (you can register whatever the word you want. When our website visitors try to find a certain company by keyword search, the word your registered will be used as a search key)

The list of your products on your page up to 400 chemicals (additional charge of USD1.00 per chemical required beyond the maximum.)

The list of your distillation columns on your page.

You can upload any files in the format such as PDF and JPG with any titles you want. For instance, you can post your articles that already published or upload the file with a map for your visitors.

Japanese page will be efficiently used as your own Japanese site and will be the great advantage to start your business in Japan. English page is the good way to catch the eyes of global clients.

Bilingual Ad.

Price: US$3,000.00 (including basic information) for one-year contract.

Including the same information as monolingual ad. in both English and Japanese.

English and Japanese pages will open up your business opportunity to the whole world.

Registration Fees
Basic informationEnglish and JapaneseUS $1.500.00
Advertising page contractEnglishUS $2,000.00
JapaneseUS $2.000.00
English and JapaneseUS $3.000.00

Click here to apply for registration

How to register the information.

  1. We will send you the manual and blank form as soon as we receive your application. What you have to do is simply fill it in and send it back to us. We will do the rest for you!
  2. In order to register your products, you have to have CAS# and chemical name in English.

Data update

  1. You Can add as many products as you want during the term. Please send us the list of change when you decide to add, change or delete certain products.
  2. You can change the contents of your Ad. anytime you want. You also be able to add, change and delete your reactors and/or distillation columns anytime you want. Please send us the list of change and we will do the rest for you!

Access Log Report

Every month, we provide you the report showing you a number of access and click through to your page with the number of access to the entire database.