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Light Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

Paid-in Capital

25 million Yen

Number of Employees

195 (as of August 2021)

Annual Sales Revenue

7.32 billion yen (in 2020)


Small scale production / No-pressure distillation / High temperature reaction (over 200 C degree) / Radical polymerization / Drying, (No-pressure/Vacuum) / Optical microscope / Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry(NMR) / Differential scanning calorimetry(DSC) / Liquid chromatography analysis(LC) / Color difference / Vacuum distillation / Low temperature reaction (over -20 C degree) / Anionic polymerization / Fine Grinding ( <1000μm->=10μm ) / Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry / Scanning electron microscope(SEM) / Differential thermal analysis(DTA) / Gas chromatography analysis / Karl Fischer moisture analysis / Specific gravity / Dispersion / Rectification / Cationic polymerization / Grignard reaction / Equipment / Inductively coupled plasma-plasma mass spectrometrv(ICP-MS) / Scanning electron microscope(SEM) / Acetalization / Reaction, Low boiling point-solvent / Oxidization, Air / Living polymerization / Thin film distillation / Ultraviolet-Visible spectrophotometer(UV-VIS) / Thermogravimetric analysis(TG) / Polycondensation / Steam distillation / Warehouse, Tank / Pelletization / X-ray fluorescence analysis(XRF) / Infrared spectroscopy(IR) / Viscosity / Reduction, High/Middle-pressure / Emulsion polymerization / Flaker / Amination / Particle size distribution / Suspension polymerization / Solution polymerization / Crystallization / Ion chromatography(IC) / Solid Phase polymerization / Flexibility / Depolymerization / Absorption/Ion exchange / Fusing point / Recrystallization / Esterification / Potentiometric titration / Epoxidation / Filtration / Metal contents reduction / Diels-Alder / Michael addition / Methylolation / Racemization / Ring-Opening reaction / Dehydration / Decarbonation /

Manufacture's Feature

Light Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. operates the company under the motto, "Creating products carefully, deeply, and promptly.”

In the chemical industry, where competition to invent new products is fierce and speed of development is required, we promote contract manufacturing by providing you with our production technology and facilities to complete your new product development and trial production studies quickly and smoothly.

We actively introduce new facilities and analytical equipment (clean rooms, microanalyzers, etc.) since our customers' newly developed products often require high quality.

We provide you the proposal-based contract manufacturing service with speedy production and cost reduction.

We are a pure-play manufacturer focused on contract manufacturing to rapidly provide you the product you requested with the utmost priority on maintaining the confidentiality of information.

Specialized Areas

We are a resin composite processing manufacturer specializing in contract manufacturing.
We trace prototypes developed by our customers to our production facilities and quickly commercialize them. Our specialty in processing is high-viscosity products (700,000 mPa-S), and we polymerize, esterify, and dehydrate polymers such as acrylic, urethane, and epoxy to produce adhesive bond, gluing agents, paint bases, coating agents, and other products.

Specialized Technologies



Polymerization of high-viscosity products/High-temperature process (up to 280°C)/radical polymerization/solution polymerization/emulsion polymerization/suspension polymerization/polycondensation/living polymerization (non-aqueous)/ accretion reaction /polyaddition/esterification/dehydration reaction/epoxidation/acrylation of urethane, epoxy, etc./emulsification and dispersion (aqueous, non-aqueous)/powdering (crystallization, precipitation, washing, filtration, drying)/pressure reduction/pressurization/filtration/drying/mixing/dissolution/resin solidification and pelleting
Major Applications
Adhesive bond, gluing agents, paint base (automotive, electrical materials, construction materials, etc.), specialty chemicals for semiconductors, electronic components, etc.
Coating agents / Inks / Cosmetics / Textiles / Films / Hot-melt type

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

Reaction vessels
We have more than 36 reaction vessels with capacities ranging from 200L to 15,000L for high viscosity, 28 reaction vessels equipped with large capacity agitators and high heating area condensers, and 8 reaction vessels for high temperature and high-pressure reactions.
Emulsification and suspension equipment (homo mixer)
We have three types of homo mixers of different scales and power capacities useful for emulsification and suspension polymerization.
Hazardous material filtration, washing, de-liquidating, and drying facilities
Filteration, washing, de-liquidating, and drying in a pressure filtration machine, or drying in a centrifuge + high agitation Nauter mixer is available.
Hazardous material condensation, dewatering, and pelletizing facilities
Twin Screw Extruder/High Viscosity Thin Film Vaporizer (EXEVA)/Flash Equipment.
Reaction and distillation equipment
We have 200L vessels and 6,500L vessels with rectifying columns for reaction and purification
Filling and bagging facilities
We continue to enhancing our filling and bagging facilities since we believe that filling and bagging process is very important in terms of quality, safety, and productivity.
Analytical and experimental equipment
They are an analytical equipment necessary for quality confirmation and process control, and experimental facilities to find issues for actual prototypes.
Other facilities
Utility equipment, tanks, warehouses, heating cabinet, freezers, and special machinery.

Qualification for Quality Control

ISO9001:2015 certified ISO14001:2015 certified

Qualification for Environmental Issues

・Wastewater treatment facilities

key word

Devolatilization, Polymer, Solidification, Thin-film evaporator for high-viscosity liquids, Twin-screw extruder, EXEVA

Company Information

  • 520-2323 2251 Mikami Maeda kawara, Yasu, Shiga 520-2323, Japan
  • Tel.077-588-0589 Fax.077-587-1602
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