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Manufacture's Feature

  Since its establishment in 1953, YUKO CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has been meeting the needs and demands of many customers through the manufacture and sale of chemical and raw material products.
 We will continue to strive to be of service to our customers by providing a stable supply of products that meet their diverse needs, utilizing our manufacturing technology and know-how accumulated over the past 60 years.

  • We have abundant synthetic technologies for sulfonation of aromatic chemicals such as xylene, ethylbenzene, cresol, and toluene.
  • We can provide blending and liquid preparation services based on our many years of experience in handling chemicals.
  • We can provide subdividing and refilling service for your products using automatic filling machines.
    We can contribute to increase your production efficiency by subdividing and refilling service of products using automated filling machines of various sizes, such as 1000 L containers, 200 L drums, or 18 L cans.

Specialized Areas

  • Various chemical reactions
  • We are particularly strong in sulfonation, an area in which we have wealth of experience in research and production.
  • We have extensive experience on the handling various chemicals and toxic/deleterious substances, such as fuming sulfuric acid, and we utilize this experience and track record to provide blending and liquid preparation services.
  • We provide subdividing and refilling service using our abundant knowledge and handling experience of chemicals and automated filling equipment.

Specialized Technologies


  • We have extensive experience in the sulfonation of chemicals, especially aromatic sulfonates, and have accumulated a wealth of technology and know-how.
  • Our various filling facilities, equipped with automatic weighing and rechecking devices, allow us to provide quick and accurate refilling and subdividing service.

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment


GL reactor
SUS reactor
   We have multiple reactors from 1,000 L to 10,000 L.
Decompression distillation equipment
   10,000 L


Filling equipment
   18 L can (capacity of 16,000 cans per month)
   200 L drum (capacity of 3,200 drums per month)
   1,000 L container (capacity of 2,000 containers per month)
Analytical equipment:
   Gas chromatograph
   Karl Fischer moisture analyzer
   Automatic potentiometric titration equipment

Qualification for Environmental Issues

Located facing the Seto Inland Sea with its rich natural environment, we focus on environmental conservation measure by installing neutralization treatment system and scrubber exhaust gas treatment system.

Plant Location of Custom Manufacturing

Head office, Plant
9-15 Fukano-cho, Tamano-shi, Okayama 706-0023, JAPAN    【MAP】        
   TEL : 0863-81-8214 / FAX : 0863-81-2833     

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Company Information

  • 706-0023 9-15, Fukai-cho, Tamano-shi, Okayama-ken, JAPAN
  • Tel.+081-863-81-8214 Fax.+081-863-81-2833
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