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Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection Ltd.

Paid-in Capital

600million rupees

Number of Employees


Annual Sales Revenue

10billion rupees


Manufacture's Feature

Embracing New Technologies:

Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Ltd (PCCPL) is a technology driven, reliable and cost effective contract manufacturing partner providing transparent, cost-efficient contract manufacturing services.
We are having rich experience in custom synthesis, piloting and technology transfer up to final commercialization of new and complex chemistry molecules. We are extremely adaptable at absorbing technologies and quick turnaround of projects and products. Confidentiality is an extremely important pillar for us.
A notable strength of PCCPL is its robust research and development (R&D) capabilities, which empowers the company to optimize products, develop and scale up processes, serving the complex chemistry needs of its Agrochemical customers effectively.
Over the years PCCPL has ensured continuous investment in R&D and also aligned with the industry best practices. R&D teams also work on new product development and scale up to pilot and semi commercial, operational excellence for development and testing.
We believe in long term partnerships, continuous improvement and new technology adoption.
PCCPL already has been in successful partnerships with major multinational agrochemical companies in Japan, Europe, America and India & consistently delivers a wide range of Agro intermediates to bolster the operations of agrochemical giants. This achievement is a testament to PCCPL’s commitment to fostering strong and long-lasting customer relationships and delivering exceptional services to meet the needs of its valued clients.

Specialized Areas

We are a one stop solution provider in CRAMS (Contract research & manufacturing services) segment for Agrochemicals, Intermediates, Speciality chemicals & Industrial chemicals.
We manufacture chemicals, especially for the niche products and focus on chemistries and markets which ensures value addition for our customers.
Since Research & Technology is the backbone of our company we meet the customer’s requirement with products of right quality and cost competitiveness.

Specialized Technologies

Being a R&D driven company we are specialized in handling complex chemistries and we are capable of handling various complex reactions:

Halogenation, Condensation, Oxidation, Halogen Exchange, Cyanation, Catalytic reductions, Cyclization, Esterification & Hydrolysis, Hydrobromination, Ethanolysis, Methylation Hydrolysis & Decarboxylation, Vilsmeir-haack reaction, Diels Alder Reaction ,Free Radical Reaction, Diazotization reaction, Dehydrohalogenating, High Pressure hydrogenation, Pyrazole formations, Nitration reactions, Hofmann Reaction, Sand Meyer reaction, Claisen condensation, Friedel Craft (Alkylation & Acylation ), Amino methylation, N-Oxidation, O-Alkylation, Thio alkylation, Acyloin Condensation, Cracking/oxidation, Oxirane Rearrangement, Amination using Ammonia.

PCCPL expertise covers the entire spectrum of chemicals, ranging from basic to specialized compounds, and it caters to a diverse array of applications.

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment:

We have more than 240 reactors (SS,MS GL) having capacity of 250L to 10KL,17 dryers (RVD) having capacity of 1KL to 7KL, 14 S/filters, N/Filter, Filter press-20, 15 Distillation units, 32 SS-316 centrifuge 30” to 48” and 347 Tanks MS,SS,MS GL,MS Pb 100L to 45KL.

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

PCCPL has made a significant investment over the years to enhance its manufacturing capabilities. This investment is aimed at ensuring a reliable supply of raw materials, increasing efficiency through backward integration, expanding its product range, and incorporating new chemical processes into its operations.

Our Manufacturing Facilities:

  1. Agrochemical & Specialty Chemicals
    • Located at Derabassi, Punjab
    • Majorly Export Focused
  2. Pharma & Intermediates
    • Located at Lalru, Punjab
    • Focusses on Pharmaceuticals, Pharma Intermediates & high value speciality chemicals.
  3. Industrial Chemicals
    • Located at Pune
    • Focus on Phosphoric based chemistries
    • Site has food grade certification (ISO : 22000)

Qualification for Quality Control

PCCPL products are registered in Europe, Australia, Argentina, Russia, Belorussia, Croatia, Slovakia, Taiwan etc.
Our Plants are certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and our pharma unit is certified with GMP & EDQM.

Qualification for Environmental Issues

Hazardous chemical handling capabilities.
All our manufacturing sites are zero liquid discharge.
Advance effluent treatment plant with MVRE (Mechanical vapor recompression evaporation technology).
Maintaining international level safety standards.

Company Information

  • - Milestone-18 Ambala-Kalka Road, Village & P.O Bhankharpur. Derabassi, Distt. SAS Nagar (Mohali), Punjab-140201 India
  • Tel.+91-1762-280086 / 522250 Fax.+91-1762-280070
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