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Takasho Tip Chemical

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We serve as a bridge between Japan and China and provide high quality intermediates.
Takasho Tip Chemical
Takasho Tip Chemical is committed to research and development, contract processing and trade cooperation in organic fine chemicals, with a focus on advanced technology exchange, dissemination and application of international frontier chemical intermediates. Our goal is to contribute to the development and sustainable progress of the chemical industry for mankind.

Specialized Areas

Tip Chemical

We have partnered with a number of high-tech companies to develop, custom synthesis, contract manufacturing, processing, and trading of intermediates under Refine Chemicals Science and Technology Developing Co., Ltd. Our products are widely used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, new materials, electrolyte additives, electronics, liquid crystals, paints, resin additives, food additives, high-end cosmetics and hair dyes, and water treatment agents..
We will continue to provide benefits to our customers with the aim of "quality first, honest service, customer first"

Specialized Technologies

Takasho Tip Chemical is able to meet a wide range of customer needs by taking full advantage of our production lines in China and our extensive network of contacts cultivated over many years.

Our team of experienced chemical experts works with many scientific research institutes and production sites in China, Korea, and India to provide high quality, low-cost chemical raw materials to Japanese manufacturers importing various chemical products such as reagents, fine chemicals, organic synthetic materials, and electronic materials from China, Europe, the U.S., Korea and India. In addition, we have established long-term, win-win cooperative relationships with Japanese chemical manufacturers and sell competitive, high-quality products throughout the world.

Advanced and sophisticated production technology  Our R&D test center

First-class production test facilities

Other Features

What is 「Regarding the Refine Chemicals Science and Technology Developing Co., Ltd.」?
Refine Chemicals Science and Technology Developing Co., Ltd. may not be a familiar name to you because it is not currently doing business directly with Japanese companies, but it is a science and technology company that has been engaged in specialized R&D and production of intermediates for 30 years in Tianjin, China. It is a high-tech innovative company with many technology patents, whose products are exported to Europe, the U.S., Korea, and other parts of the world, and have earned a high reputation. It also partnered with many high-tech companies to develop various international frontier chemical intermediate products, conduct research & development and sales of products such as pharmaceutical intermediates, UV absorbers, hair dye and cosmetic raw materials, electrolyte additives, photoresist materials, contact lens materials, display raw materials, paint raw materials, polymerizable monomers, catalyst materials, and chemical agents to meet diverse needs of its customers and respond to their requests for various types of contract manufacturing.

Company Information

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