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Asahi Kasei Finechem Co., Ltd.

Manufacture's Feature

Nissei Chemical Industry was established in 1960, as a member of the Asahi Chemical (Asahi Kasei) Group, with the task of producing, as first in the world, dying improver (sodium Methallyl sulfonate) for acrylic fibers. Since then, the company has supplied demand on both the Japanese and world markets as a general manufacturer of sulfonate monomers.
Through good business relations with many companies including Asahi Kasei, we have focused on the development and production of various types of materials and intermediates in diverse fields, in order to meet a wide range of needs.
In anticipation of the 21st century, the company changed the name to ASAHI KASEI FINECHEM CO., LTD. and is now posed to take a new step forward.
We will be positively involved with new businesses together with Asahi Kasei Corporation and at the same time, will pursue refinement of products such as specialty chemicals and intermediates making the best of our mobility as an expert of organic chemical synthesis.
We will do our best to improve experimental synthesis and production technologies and to develop functional materials that satisfy user requirements. At the same time we enforce through quality control that places the customer first. As an expert in specialty chemicals, we will take the initiative in implementing changes of the world.

Specialized Areas

  1. Manufacture and marketing (including export) of functional chemical products
    • Dying improver for acrylic fibers and modification assistants
    • Additives, modifiers, flame retardant agents for synthetic resin
    • Intermediates and feedstock for drugs and pesticides
    • Feedstock for functional resin
    • Feedstock for photographic chemicals
    • Feedstock for cosmetics
  2. Subcontracted development, trial production and manufacture
    • Subcontracted development with technology of sulfonation, esterification, and others.
    • Development of up-scaling techniques
    • Meeting requirements from sample amount synthesis to commercial amount production using multipurpose facilities

Specialized Technologies

We have been concentrating our efforts on development of the various types pf products in the field of fibers, electronic components and pharmaceuticals, contributing to the fruitful life of people. Our specialty fields are sulfonations using various sulfonating materials such as sulfulic anhydride, fuming sulfuric acid, sodium sulfite and other sulfonating agents, oxidation, reduction, polymerization and esterification. We always challenge to with flexible ideas for advancing fine chemical technology.

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

  • Development-Production Center
    The Development-Production Center turns to a great repertoire of achievements and the latest advanced technology to meet various needs from polymers to meet various needs from polymers to pharmaceuticals.
    Our young staff can develop new products, flexibly and speedily, in an integrated development system from laboratory to bench.
    As a fine chemical manufacturer, we are aggressively developing the technology for flexibly meeting requests of all kinds including small quantity synthesis.

  • Nobeoka Plant
    The Nobeoka Plant is outfitted with the latest equipment and facilities. Expansion is targeting the pharmaceutical field through advanced synthesis.
    The entire workforce of experienced veterans and energetic young engineers is marketing the effort to improve the production system so that we can stably produce competitive high quality sulfonate monomers.
    In addition, the plant has fitted for GMP requirements of FDA most strict in the world.

Qualification for Quality Control

To supply products with reliance worldwide, we have acquired the ISO9001 certification, and taken U. S. FDA inspection, as satisfying the requirements of C-GMP.

Plant Location of Custom Manufacturing

Development-Production Center
1-8-7 Fukumachi, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone No. +81-6-6472-3155 Fax No. +81-6-6472-3704
Nobeoka Plant
2741-1 Byumachi, Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan
Phone No. +81-982-33-2025 Fax No. +81-982-22-2936

Company Information

  • 530-6130 Nakanoshima-Dai Building, 3-3-23, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
  • Tel.+81-6-7636-3170 Fax.+81-6-7636-3172
  • website