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Manufacture's Feature

The chemical division of Asahi Chemical Co., Ltd. trace its root to the industrial technology that Masaichi Utsunomiya, the company founder, succeeded to establish the industrial manufacturing line for sulfide dye in 1932. He has accumulated the technical know-how of handling sulfer through his sulfide dye and dye intermediate manufacturing process.
Today, we provide distinct products in the market of fine chemicals, intermediates for pharmaceutical and agrochemical, electronic materials and resin additives.

Specialized Areas

We manufacture and market fine chemicals, organic intermediates, sulfide dye, silicone secondary products and dye auxiliaries.
Especially, we produce the top quality chemicals (functional organic chemicals) that are essential for manufacturing functional chemical compound such as pharmaceutical products, agrochemicals, functional dye and resin reforming agent.

Specialized Technologies

Chemical related business of Asahi Chemical started its history from vulcanization technology but we expand our scope and now we have other specialties listed below to meet our client's requirement.

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

Production base of Asahi Chemical's chemical business is our Fukui Plant located in Technoport Fukui in Fukui Pref. The plant with R&D facility improves the response time for our customer needs.
To meet the variety of requirement from our clients, our facility is capable of handling wide range of orders from test production to mass production as well as variety compounds.

Qualification for Quality Control

Fukui Plant qualified for ISO9001: 2000 in May 2015.
Our production lines meet the GMP standard.

Plant Location of Custom Manufacturing

Fukui Plant and Fukui Lab.
2 cho-me, Yonouzu Technoport 4-2, Mikunicho, Sakai-shi, Fukui Pref. 913-0038, Japan
TEL:0776-81-6000 (main switchboard)

Company Information

  • 532-0035 12-17 Mitsuya-minami 3-chome,Yodogawa-ku Osaka 532-0035, Japan
  • Tel.81-6-6301-4936 Fax.81-6-6304-3544
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