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TOYOBO MC Corporation

Number of Employees

3831 (Nonconsolidated) 10503 (consolidated)

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Custom Manufacturing


Small scale production / Blending, Subdividing, Filling / Drying, (No-pressure/Vacuum) / Bromination / Synthesis of chemical reagent and pharmaceutical intermediate / Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry(NMR) / Differential scanning calorimetry(DSC) / Liquid chromatography analysis(LC) / Hydrogen cyanide, Sodium cyanide, Potassium cyanide / Azidation / Oxidation, Peroxide / Vacuum distillation / Reduction, Metalic hydride / Chlorination / Acylation / Oganic sulfur compound / Chiral synthesis / Differential thermal analysis(DTA) / Gas chromatography analysis / Karl Fischer moisture analysis / Specific gravity / Reduction, Catalytic / Hydrogen sulfate / Head Space Gas Chromatography(HS/GC) / Acetalization / Hydrogeneration / Acid chlorides / Carbon disulfide / Ultraviolet-Visible spectrophotometer(UV-VIS) / Prepared liquid / Oxidization, Halogenide / Steam distillation / Infrared spectroscopy(IR) / Gas chromatography analysis-mass spectrometry(GC-MS) / Halogenate, Diverse halogenating agents / Mercaptan / Amination / Sulfonation / Phosphoric compound / Halogenate, Thionyl chloride, Sulfuryl chloride etc / Extraction / Halogenate, NCS, NBS, NCI etc / Crystallization / Alkylation / Ethylene oxide / Ion chromatography(IC) / Sulfonamidation / Chiral compound / Oxidation, Nitric acid / Reaction with bad smell substances / Aldol reaction / Flexibility / Reaction, Toxic substances / Coupling reaction / Thin layer chromatograph(TLC) / Fusing point / Recrystallization / Esterification / Potentiometric titration / Filtration / Hyroxylation, Microorganism enzyme / Oximation / Carbonylation / Cyanation / Hydroxymethylation / Vilsmeier reaction / Fries rearrangement / Friedel-Crafts reaction / Hofmann's Reaction / Formylation / Michael addition / Mannich reaction / Racemization / Cyclization / Dehalogenation / Dehydration / Rearrangement / Acid amide / Quaternarization of Amine, Benzyl oxide / Microorganism, Fermentation/Enzymatic /

Manufacture's Feature

Fine chemicals are rapidly expanding its sector in either raw materials or intermediates. Taking advantage of our accumulated technology over a long time, we are developing various kinds of Thio compounds, Azide compounds, Tetrazoles and Carbodiimides. These compounds have diverse applications for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical intermediate, electronic industry materials, photographic chemicals and other general industrial chemicals. We also take proactive approach to contract synthesis to meet the diverse needs.

Specialized Technologies

Specialized in use of carbon disulfide Synthesis of sulfur compound by hydrogen disulfide Synthesis of azide compound Synthesis of tetrazole ring Synthesis of thiazole ring Synthesis of thioacetamid Synthesis of carbodiimide compound Synthesis of thiocyanate Synthesis of isothiocyanate Synthesis of sulfonylchloride Synthesis of sulfonic acid Synthesis of thiocarboxylic acid

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

Off-gas treatment facility for odorant

Qualification for Quality Control

Obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001certification

Plant Location of Custom Manufacturing

Takasago Plant

Company Information

  • 530-0001 Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South, 1-13-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Tel.81-6-6348-3818 Fax.81-6-6348-3705
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