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Nippoh Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Paid-in Capital

517 million yen

Composition of stockholders

Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd., Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd., CBC Co., Ltd.

Number of Employees


Annual Sales Revenue

6639 million yen (Fiscal year 2021)


Contact Information


Small scale production / No-pressure distillation / Drying, (No-pressure/Vacuum) / Bromination / Vacuum distillation / Iodine recovery / Rectification / Iodination / Steam distillation / Extraction / Crystallization / Alkylation / Recrystallization / Esterification / Filtration / Carbonylation / Cyanation / Friedel-Crafts reaction / Dealkylation / Dehalogenation / Acid amide /

Manufacture's Feature

The company specializes in designing of I2 and HCN.

Last year, we have begun to supply chiral compound for pharmaceutical.

We provide iodine compound and cyanogen compound used for wide range of application such as photosensitive materials, electric materials and agrochemicals.

Specialized Areas

Intermediate for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, flame retardants, fumigants, photosensitive materials, electric materials, antibacterial agents

Specialized Technologies

2.Halogenation (bromination, iodination)
3.Friedel-Crafts Reaction
4.Sandmeyer reaction
5.Pinner reaction (orthoester synthesis, amidine synthesis)
7.Ring closure reaction
8.Heterocyclic compound synthesis
9.Pharmaceutical intermediate synthesis
10.Agricultural chemicals synthesis and agrochemical intermediates synthesis

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

1.Bench plant with reactors and distillation apparatuses (200L) for R&D and small scale production
2.Pilot plant with reactors and distillation apparatuses (500 to 2000L) for R&D and medium scale production
3.Multi-purpose plant with rectors and distillation apparatuses (1000 to 12000L) for multi-purpose mass production
4.Other plants such as for halogenated products, azo products, orthoesters to meet customers’ requirements

Qualification for Quality Control

ISO-9001 (2000)
With our continuous effort of improvement based on total quality assurance system, we provide distinguished technology, products and services to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

Qualification for Environmental Issues

We have biological processing equipment (rotating disk system, trickling filter process), water incinerator, incinerators and exhaust gas treatment facility.

Plant Location of Custom Manufacturing

Chimachi plant (Chiba Pref.)

Other Features

Nippoh Chemicals was established in October 1948 to produce iodine from underground brine discovered in the Boso Peninsula.

The natural gas extracted with the brine is also effectively utilized for the production of hydrogen cyanide and its derivatives.

The advantage of the fact we are among the first companies to go into the field of fine chemicals with our unique technologies enable us to produce a great number of original products based on iodine, cyanogen, and bromide that won the trust of consumers.

Company Information

  • 103-0023 Neo Kawai Bldg. 8-15. 4-Chome, Nihonbashi-Honchou, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022, Japan
  • Tel.+81-3-3270-5345 Fax.+81-3-3246-0346
  • website