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Paid-in Capital

2510 million yen

Number of Employees

179 (as of March 31 2022)

Main Products


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Small scale production / Oxidation, Heavy metal compound / No-pressure distillation / High temperature reaction (over 200 C degree) / Radical polymerization / Drying, (No-pressure/Vacuum) / Bromination / Ullman reaction / Metallic sodium, Metallic potassium / Hydrogen cyanide, Sodium cyanide, Potassium cyanide / Reduction, Nitro compound / Mizoroki-Heck reaction / Oxidation, Peroxide / Vacuum distillation / Reduction, Metalic hydride / Chlorination / Nitration / Acylation / Organic lithium / Negishi cross coupling / Rectification / Reduction, Catalytic / Column purification / Fluorination / Diazotization / Grignard reaction / Optical resolution / Spray drying / Hydrogeneration / Oxidization, Air / Iodination / Acid chlorides / Reaction, NaNH2 / Thin film distillation / Diazo-coupling reaction / Diazocoupling / Sonogashira-Hagihara Cross Coupling / Polycondensation / Oxidization, Halogenide / Steam distillation / Fluorine compound / Reaction, NaH / Suzuki-Miyaura cross coupling / Sandmeyer reaction / Dehydrogenation / Reduction, High/Middle-pressure / Molecular distillation / Flaker / Amination / Sulfonation / Organic sodium / Phosphoric compound / Extraction / Chlorosulfonation / Solution polymerization / Crystallization / Alkylation / Sulfonamidation / Oxidation, Nitric acid / Reduction, Birch / Optical resolution / Aldol reaction / Nitrosation / Reaction, Toxic substances / Coupling reaction / Wittig reaction / Wolff-Kishner-reduction / Reduction, Na/Li / Etherfication / Recrystallization / Esterification / Epoxidation / Filtration / Metal contents reduction / Carbonylation / Kolbe-Schmitt reaction / Diels-Alder / Cyanation / Hydroxylation / Vilsmeier reaction / Fries rearrangement / Friedel-Crafts reaction / Hofmann's Reaction / Formylation / Michael addition / Mannich reaction / Cyclization / Ring-Opening reaction / Dealkylation / Dehalogenation / Dehydration / Rearrangement / Acid amide / Dehydrogenation / Decarbonation / Quaternarization of Amine, Benzyl oxide /

Manufacture's Feature

Our business operation is based on organic synthesis technology with a motto "the power to develop new technology is the way to expand our business"

Always looking at the future in order to innovate unique technology, and to play square to increase the existence value of our company and contribute to the society is our basic business policy.

Specialized Areas

To Manufacture and market bulks and Intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, intermediates for dyestuffs and pigments, surfactants and functional chemicals.

Specialized Technologies

We offer you the best process with our unique technology of organic synthesis.

With long history doing the business as custom manufacturer in Japan, we accumulated enough knowledge as one of the best responsive technology intermediate manufacturer can offer such as oxidization, reduction, Grignard reaction, various halogenation and cyanation.
Recently, we actively engaged in new technologies such as optical resolution, asymmetric synthesis and ultra-low temperature reaction.
Accumulating wide range of organic synthesis technology enable us to efficiently develop the products to meet the extremely variable and advanced needs of our customers.

Ultra-low temperature reaction
Current facilities can provide you an ultra-low temperature reaction of minus 20Cdegree to minus 30C degree. We have a plan to expand the facilities to handle up to minus 78C degree reaction.
Grignard reaction
We are specialized in manufacturing products using Grignard reaction, which makes it possible to alkylate variety of chemicals. We can provide you Grignard test agent using Mg

We provide you a variety of cyano compounds efficiently and in environment friendly way because of our expertise in handling both NaCN and KCN, and using our detoxification process of wastewater containing cyanide.
Reaction using metallic sodium

We can safely and readily use molten metallic sodium. Our technology based on accumulated know-how with suitable facilities enable us to offer you condensation and reduction.

Reduction is one of technologies we excel at. Especially we have a good track record in environment friendly reaction such as catalytic hydrogenations.
Various Halogenation

We firmly established technologies to manufacture products by chlorination, bromination, fluorination and offer our customers various halogen compounds.


We offer you a reliable technology to develop and manufacture GMP-compliant products with coherent system from R&D stage to pilot production and even to mass production stage.

In order to appropriately, flexibly and promptly meet customer's needs, we established pilot plants facilities in our manufacturing sites.

New Product & Developed Product

Decaline Derivatives

We've developed 2-DHA (acrylate), 2-DHM (methacrylate) and 27-DGDHN (glycidyl ether) as high heat-resistant and transparent materials. These Decaline derivatives are expected to be used for optical electronics.
Decaline Derivatives


We are able to supply various tetralone derivatives by making use of our reduction technology. We have received various inquiries about the use of these derivatives as pharmaceutical intermediates.



As Calixarenes, we produce both S series (n=4,6,8) having a sulfonic group and B series (n=4,6,8) having a tert-butyl group.
And we can also supply CALX-B4EA that is used for quick-drying glues e.t.c. We’ re challenging to develop various kinds of Calixarenes line-up from now.


Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

福井工場Our manufacturing sites, Wakayama Site and Fukui Site have multi-purpose facilities.

Furthermore, we have pilot plant in Fukui and we are capable of trial production (a few Kg) up to mass production (tons).

反応機(ハステロイ) 200LBoth pilot plants in Wakayama and Fukui are for kilogram scale trial productions used mainly for manufacturing bulks and intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals and functional chemicals.

Fukui pilot plant, completed in May 1997 is three stories building of 20 meters wide, 15 meters depth and 12 meters height and laboratory facilities on the property.

Qualification for Quality Control

ISO9001 certified : Head Office, Osaka Office, Tokyo Office
(JCQA-0304)         Wakayama Site, Fukui Site
Inspected by FDA : Fukui Site

Plant Location of Custom Manufacturing

Fukui Site


29-75-1, Ishibashicho, Fukui City, 910-3137, Japan
TEL +81-776-85-1150
FAX +81-776-85-1101
Wakayama Site


1280 Minato, Wakayama City, 640-8404, Japan
TEL +81-73-423-6341
FAX +81-73-423-6345

Company Information

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