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Chemicrea Inc.

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Annual Sales Revenue

JPY3400million (for the fiscal year of 4/2016-3/2017)

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Main Products

Fine Chemicals product

Technologies and R&Ds

Technical Information

R&D activities


Small scale production / No-pressure distillation / High temperature reaction (over 200 C degree) / Drying, (No-pressure/Vacuum) / Hydrogenation / Bromination / Ullman reaction / Enzymatic reaction / Inorganic compound / Waste treatment / Crushing ( >=1mm ) / Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry(NMR) / Differential scanning calorimetry(DSC) / Liquid chromatography analysis(LC) / Total organic carbon analysis(TOC) / Color difference / Hydrogen cyanide, Sodium cyanide, Potassium cyanide / Mizoroki-Heck reaction / Kumada-Tamao-Corriu cross coupling / Oxidation, Peroxide / Vacuum distillation / Reduction, Metalic hydride / Chlorination / Acylation / Organic lithium / Oganic sulfur compound / Chiral synthesis / Gas chromatography analysis / Karl Fischer moisture analysis / Specific gravity / Negishi cross coupling / Rectification / Reduction, Catalytic / Diazotization / Grignard reaction / Optical resolution / Solvent recovery / Electrophoresis analysis / Bulk specific gravity / Head Space Gas Chromatography(HS/GC) / Acetalization / Migita-Kosugi-Stille cross coupling / Reaction, Low boiling point-solvent / Hydrogeneration / Oxidization, Air / Film distillation / Iodination / Acid chlorides / Reaction, NaNH2 / Ultraviolet-Visible spectrophotometer(UV-VIS) / Liquid chromatography analysis-mass spectrometry(LC-MS) / Drying capacity / Sonogashira-Hagihara Cross Coupling / Oxidization, Halogenide / Steam distillation / Reaction, NaH / Active sludge process / Suzuki-Miyaura cross coupling / Infrared spectroscopy(IR) / Gas chromatography analysis-mass spectrometry(GC-MS) / Viscosity / Halogenate, Diverse halogenating agents / Dehydrogenation / Reduction, High/Middle-pressure / Molecular distillation / Amination / Sulfonation / Phosphoric compound / Production of pharmaceuticals/cosmetics / Pollution prevention / Halogenate, Thionyl chloride, Sulfuryl chloride etc / Buchwald-Hartwig cross coupling / Oxidation, Swern / Extraction / Other organometal / Gas absorption / Custom research / Halogenate, NCS, NBS, NCI etc / Allylation / Crystallization / Others, Halogenation / Alkylation / Optical rotation / Reaction with bad smell substances / Optical resolution / Flexibility / Coupling reaction / Wittig reaction / Thin layer chromatograph(TLC) / Fusing point / Etherfication / Recrystallization / Esterification / Oppenauer oxidation / Potentiometric titration / Epoxidation / Filtration / Others,Oxidation / Carbonylation / Others / Strecker reaction / Diels-Alder / Hydroxymethylation / Hydroxylation / Vilsmeier reaction / Friedel-Crafts reaction / Hofmann's Reaction / Formylation / Michael addition / Racemization / Cyclization / Ring-Opening reaction / Dealkylation / Dehalogenation / Dehydration / Rearrangement / Acid amide / Dehydrogenation / Quaternarization of Amine, Benzyl oxide / Microorganism, Fermentation/Enzymatic /

Manufacture's Feature

In 1999 we changed our company name from Ichikawa Gohsei Chemical Co. Ltd to Chemicrea Inc., and are now expanding the business field from industrial biocides to fine chemicals including pharmaceutical intermediates and electroics-related products. At the same time we set up a 100% subsidiary company called Chemicrea (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd near Nanjing in 1998 to globalize the production sites. Production of industrial biocides is shifted to our Chinese factory, while building plants for fine chemicals in Japan. In 2003 we established another 100% subsidiary company called Chemicrea (Suzhou) near Shanghai, and it is our strategy to make the best fit of these facilities in China and Japan, i.e., producing earlier stage intermediates in China and doing the later synthetic steps from these intermediates in Japan. Onahama Factory in Japan will concentrate more on (1) new type of biocides and (2) pharmaceutical intermediates with the new GMP plant, which started operation in the year 2001.

Specialized Areas

pharmaceutical intermediates intermediates for photographic agents intermediates for electronic agents industrial buicides We have been doing custom-synthesis business for a long time. We can accept custom-manufacture business when we have enough capacity available, and for the commercial production/supply of chemicals we can invest money.

Specialized Technologies

(Expertise) halogenation (bromination/chlorination), dehalogenation, amination, hydroxylation, alkylation, esterification, etherification, reduction(with metal hydrides), synthesis using noxious reagents, handling of highly stimulating agent, reactions using organic metals (like Grignard reaction), synthesis of optically pure products (optical resolution), protection of functional groups, distillation (at ordinary pressure, at reduced pressure, steam distillation), crystallization, filtration (reactions that can be done) nitration, halogenation (other than bromination, chlorination), carbonylation, diazotization, dealkylation, coupling/condensation reactions, oxidation (by peroxides, catalytic oxidation in liquid phase), Friedel-Crafts reaction, Lewis acid catalysis, reduction (catalytic with the pressure of ~9.9kg/cm2, hydride reduction, chemical reduction), reactions using organic metals (life organolithiums, organosilicones etc), low temperature reaction, distillation, use of ion exchange resins/films, high vacuum distillation.

Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

(Pilot plant) *50L, 200L reactors (SUS, GL) *centrifuge filter *tray-type drier *clean room (Production plant) *2000L, 5000L, GL reactors *5000L SUS reactors *200L, 5000L SUS autoclave (<1Mpa) *5000L GL autoclave (<0.7Mpa) *2000L fractionating column, SUS (10 plates) *1500L fractionating column, GL (5 plates) *1000L fractionating column SUS (Sulzer 10 plates) *centrifuge filter (Teflon, Hastelloy, rubber lining) *1000-4500L GL conical drier *scrubber *submerged combustion system, activated sludge treatment system

Qualification for Quality Control

Several pharmaceutical companies audited our Japanese factory for the supply of intermediates. Japanese factory is operated under cGMP standard.

Plant Location of Custom Manufacturing

Onahama plant in Japan 1- 133, Ohtsurugi, Shimokawa, Izumi-machi, Iwaki, Fukushima 971-8183, Japan Chemicrea (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd near Nanjing/China Chemicrea (Suzhou) Co., Ltd;/Chaina

Number of Person involved in Custom Manufacturing

13 chemists in R&D : 22 operators in production plant : 8 people in HQ

Company Information

  • 103-0002 VPO Higashinihonbashi, 9F 3-4-13 Higashinihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004, Japan
  • Tel.+81-3-6810-9141 Fax.
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