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Small scale production / No-pressure distillation / High temperature reaction (over 200 C degree) / Ullman reaction / Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry(NMR) / Differential scanning calorimetry(DSC) / Liquid chromatography analysis(LC) / Color difference / Vacuum distillation / Reduction, Metalic hydride / Nitration / Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry / Differential thermal analysis(DTA) / Gas chromatography analysis / Karl Fischer moisture analysis / Specific gravity / Rectification / Ammoxidation / Reduction, Catalytic / Optical resolution / Inductively coupled plasma-plasma mass spectrometrv(ICP-MS) / Scanning electron microscope(SEM) / Bulk specific gravity / Hydrogeneration / Film distillation / Acid chlorides / Reaction, NaNH2 / Ultraviolet-Visible spectrophotometer(UV-VIS) / Liquid chromatography analysis-mass spectrometry(LC-MS) / Thermogravimetric analysis(TG) / Oxidization, Halogenide / Reduction, High-pressure / Reaction, NaH / Infrared spectroscopy(IR) / Gas chromatography analysis-mass spectrometry(GC-MS) / Viscosity / Amination / Particle size distribution / Other organometal / Ion chromatography(IC) / Others / Flexibility / Gel permation chromatography(GPC) / Coupling reaction / Diels-Alder / Cyanation / Vilsmeier reaction / Friedel-Crafts reaction / Hofmann's Reaction / Racemization / Dehalogenation / Rearrangement / Quaternarization of Amine, Benzyl oxide /

Manufacture's Feature

 KOEI CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. began production of acetic acid for the medical industry in 1917. We offer vaious nitrogen-containing compounds, including pyridines, pyrazines, and over 100 varieties of amine compounds.


 By efficiently combining our expertise in gas-phase reactions, high pressure reactions, and liquid-phase reactions, we can synthesize compounds tailored to the client's needs.


 Flow of Custom Synthesis

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Specialized Technologies

Koei's Technology

● Gas-phase synthesis reactions
We specialize in gas-phase reaction using proprietary catalysts, as well as our advanced R&D capabilities, to become a manufacturer specializing in gas-phase reactions driven by advanced technology. Schema 1 below is a typical use of a gas-phase reaction to produce nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds (pyridine bases, pyrazines, pyrroles), and Schema 2 describes a process of ammoxidation.
(a) Oxidation/dehydrogenation (b) Oxidation (c) ammoxidation
(d) Dehydration reaction (e) Dehydrogenation (f) Dehydrative cyclization
(g) Alkylation (h) Dealkylation (i) Amination
(j) Ketone synthesis (k) Other gas-phase catalytic reactions
In addition to the above facilities, we have large and small liquid-phase plants for organic synthesis. By combining these various plants, we have established a system that can deal with more diverse customer requests, and we carry out a production or a custom synthesis of special fine chemicals.
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● High pressure reaction technology
We utilize high pressure hydrogenation, such as reductive amination, alkylation of amines, amination of alcohol, nitrile hydrogenation, and nitrogen-containing aromatic compound hydrogenation, to synthesize wide variety of amines and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds.
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● Technologies and Facilities for Fine Organic Synthesis
We utilize the fixed-bed gas phase reaction technology we have developed over many long years in order to synthesize a variety of pyridines. In addition, this technology can be combined with fine organic syntheses using liquid-phase reaction technologies to meet a range of clients’ needs for pyridines, pyrazines, piperazines, and other materials. In recent years, we have deployed a range of technology for manufacture of materials at extreme low temperature, as well as dry and oxygen-free conditions, allowing for the support of the more complex processes of organic synthesis.
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 As an R&D-oriented company, we continue to pursue creative research & development for the future, and we are focusing on the areas of ionic liquids, organic metal compounds, and ICT-related compound synthesis to develop a wide range of unique solutions.
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New Product & Developed Product

  ● Ionic liquids
   We can create a variety of cation materials using technologies to synthesize nitrogen compounds such as amines and pyridines, which Koei Chemical has cultivated over a long period of time. Our company has been researching and developing ionic liquids for more than 10 years and we have more than 500 kinds of ionic liquids in our library. By combining proprietary cation materials and anion materials, we are able to tune products to customer request and propose a variety of ionic liquids.

  A salt in the liquid state (left) (Ionic liquid) and in the solid state (right)

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  ● Organometallic compounds
   We are equipped to offer organometallic compounds that require advanced technology to prevent decomposition when exposed to water and oxygen.
   ・ Metallocene compounds
  We provide metallocene compounds as a key polymerization catalyst for polyolefins, from lab-scale on through to commercial production scale.
  Production of metallocene compounds requires stringent conditions like dry and oxygen-free production. Since 2007, we have been fully equipped with filtration dryers and other equipment to enable these processes.
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  ● Cross-coupling reaction
   We utilize a range of cross-coupling reactions that make use of transition metals as catalysts. These include Suzuki-Miyaura coupling and organic boronic acid (ester) derivatives, as well as OLED (organic light-emitting diode) compounds.
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Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

 By efficiently combining our expertise in gas-phase reactions, high pressure reactions, and liquid-phase reactions, we can synthesize compounds tailored to the client’s needs.
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Qualification for Quality Control

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