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Sogo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Paid-in Capital

200 million yen

Number of Employees



Small scale production / Blending, Subdividing, Filling / Oxidation, Heavy metal compound / No-pressure distillation / High temperature reaction (over 200 C degree) / Drying, (No-pressure/Vacuum) / Hydrogenation / Bromination / Ullman reaction / Enzymatic reaction / Inorganic compound / Synthesis of chemical reagent and pharmaceutical intermediate / Preparative crude refining / Optical microscope / Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry(NMR) / Differential scanning calorimetry(DSC) / Liquid chromatography analysis(LC) / Total organic carbon analysis(TOC) / Color difference / Synthesis of medicinal standard product / Metallic sodium, Metallic potassium / Hydrogen cyanide, Sodium cyanide, Potassium cyanide / Reduction, Nitro compound / Azidation / Mizoroki-Heck reaction / Kumada-Tamao-Corriu cross coupling / Oxidation, Peroxide / Vacuum distillation / Reduction, Metalic hydride / Low temperature reaction (over -20 C degree) / Photochemical reaction / Chlorination / Acylation / Organic lithium / Oganic sulfur compound / Chiral synthesis / Chromatography / Fine Grinding ( <1000μm->=10μm ) / Purification, Preparative Isolation / Gas chromatography analysis / Karl Fischer moisture analysis / Specific gravity / Negishi cross coupling / Rectification / Reduction, Catalytic / Column purification / Diazotization / Grignard reaction / Optical resolution / Ultrafine Grinding(<10μm) / Hydrogen sulfate / Specific heat measurement / Bulk specific gravity / Head Space Gas Chromatography(HS/GC) / Organosilicon compound / Acetalization / Reaction, Low boiling point-solvent / Hydrogeneration / Oxidization, Air / Iodination / Acid chlorides / Acetylenic chemistry / High potency active (HPA) manufacturing / Classification / Carbon disulfide / Thin film distillation / Ultraviolet-Visible spectrophotometer(UV-VIS) / Liquid chromatography analysis-mass spectrometry(LC-MS) / Thermogravimetric analysis(TG) / Diazo-coupling reaction / Diazocoupling / Sonogashira-Hagihara Cross Coupling / Oxidization, Halogenide / Steam distillation / Packaging / Fluorine compound / Reaction, NaH / Suzuki-Miyaura cross coupling / Production of small molecule cytotoxics / Sandmeyer reaction / X-ray fluorescence analysis(XRF) / Infrared spectroscopy(IR) / Reaction calorimetry / Gas chromatography analysis-mass spectrometry(GC-MS) / Viscosity / Halogenate, Diverse halogenating agents / Amidination / Dehydrogenation / Reduction, High/Middle-pressure / Amination / Sulfonation / Organic sodium / Phosphoric compound / Production of pharmaceuticals/cosmetics / Sublimation / Particle size distribution / Halogenate, Thionyl chloride, Sulfuryl chloride etc / Buchwald-Hartwig cross coupling / Chenge of Package / Extraction / Other organometal / Gas absorption / Halogenate, NCS, NBS, NCI etc / Allylation / Active ingredient for pharmaceutical・cosmetic ingredients / Crystallization / Alkylation / Ion chromatography(IC) / Optical rotation / Sulfonamidation / Oxidation, Nitric acid / Optical resolution / Aldol reaction / Gel permation chromatography(GPC) / Nitrosation / Reaction, Toxic substances / Wittig reaction / Wolff-Kishner-reduction / Absorption/Ion exchange / Thin layer chromatograph(TLC) / Fusing point / Oxidation, Jones / Reduction, Na/Li / Etherfication / Recrystallization / Esterification / Potentiometric titration / Epoxidation / Filtration / Metal contents reduction / Oximation / Silylation / Schiemann reaction / Strecker reaction / Cyanation / Hydroxylation / Vilsmeier reaction / Friedel-Crafts reaction / Hofmann's Reaction / Formylation / Michael addition / Racemization / Cyclization / Ring-Opening reaction / Dealkylation / Dehalogenation / Dehydration / Rearrangement / Acid amide / Dehydrogenation / Decarbonation / isomerization /

Manufacture's Feature

Our excellent products, ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to functional cosmetic materials, support a wide range of industries and people's daily lives.

Sogo Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1955 as an API manufacturer specialized in taurine and synthetic antibacterial agents, and has established itself as a manufacturer of APIs and intermediates by focusing on the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates.

We also develop and manufacture functional cosmetic raw materials, recording materials and electronic materials, etc. by utilizing the synthesis technology we have obtained through the production of APIs.

We are also engaged in contract manufacturing to meet the needs of our customers, and we can develop processes based on our customers' technologies as well as conduct scale-up studies of the recipes provided by our customers.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Pharmaceutical Intermediates

We can handle both existing APIs and investigational drugs. We are one of the few companies in Japan that have facilities to manufacture steroidal APIs. Although it often takes several phases to study the feasibility of launching a new drug, we have received high praise for our meticulous attitude to work with our customers.

Fine Chemicals

In the field that requires a quick response to the market, we can supply products in a timely manner to meet your needs by streamlining lab studies and shortening the time between lab testing and manufacturing using actual equipment.


We manufacture and sell our original functional cosmetic ingredients. We can offer recommendation regarding synthesis of existing raw materials and provide process study as well as mass production plan of new raw materials based on the technology we have cultivated in the field of medicine and fine chemicals.

Based on the trust that we have built up over the few decades, we are actively developing contract manufacturing services for pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Specialized Areas

[ Pharmaceuticals ]
In addition to API manufacturing ("APIs and steroidal drug substances"), we can also manufacture "Pharmaceutical Intermediates" and "Investigational APIs". We have been inspected by the FDA as well as the domestic authorities for APIs.

[ Fine Chemicals ]
We manufacture and sell a wide range of "Industrial organic chemicals" ranging from resin additives to animal repellents, and "Recording and electronic materials" for which higher purity is increasingly required. We also deal in "Special chemicals" with aziridine rings.

[ Cosmetics ]
We welcome your inquiry regarding the purchase of our original raw materials ("Whitening agents and antioxidants") and contract manufacturing using the active ingredients.

Specialized Technologies

We can also handle special reactions using a variety of raw materials.
(* For available specialty materials, please see the link below.)
[Specialty Materials Available]
In addition to general chemical reactions, we have facilities for photochemical reactions, cryogenic reactions and high temperature reactions.
(* For more information on the facilities, please see the link below.)
[List of equipment in our facilities]
Our advanced refining technology enables us to control trace impurities.

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Contract manufacturing system

Speed up development review process and accurately reproduce lab data

We work closely with our clients to ensure a smooth and satisfying process, from content review to mass production.

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  • In addition to the manufacturing according to the flow provided by the customer, we can study the process as well.

  • Future production using actual equipment in mind, we will start with a laboratory study of the manufacturing flow to match our manufacturing facilities.

  • In case of scale-up study, we can support each theme flexibly.

  • We value the trusting relationship between our technical staff and our clients, and we are committed to achieving a scale-up schedule that meets your needs.


In addition to conventional contract manufacturing based on batch manufacturing, we are also researching continuous production technology by flow reactions. We are also engaged in joint research with pharmaceutical companies and universities with the aim of expanding our business to the DDS and nucleic acid drug markets.
  • Development of ketene/diketene by Flow Reactor

  • Boronic Acid Synthesis by Flow Reaction

  • Application research of bimolecular membrane technology to DDS and nucleic acid medicine.

(Development of new compounds forming bimolecular membrane)

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Specialized Manufacturing Equipment

We have established a production system aimed at high quality and high performance in response to diversity.

Our multi-plant is designed to;
1. perform practically any reaction and to be easy to reconfigure
2. make each series to be independent yet to be related
3. eliminate the potential for operational errors as much as possible
4. easily manage the process to keep it highly safe and secure
This design concept enables us to respond to a wide range of customer needs with a variety of facilities that can accommodate the latest synthesis technologies.

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Based on the trust that we have built up over the years, we are actively developing contract manufacturing services for pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Low Temperature Reactors Photoreactors
Reaction Vessels Vibration Dryers

Qualification for Quality Control

We have established a system to assure the quality of our products and meet the needs of our customers, as well as installing a wide range of analytical instruments to meet the demands of our customers with high-precision analytical capabilties, and meeting our customers' demands in accordance with our quality policy of "assuring all the quality required by our customers."

Click here for a list of the special equipment and analyzers we own.

* Ion Chromatograph * Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
* Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner

Plant Location of Custom Manufacturing

  • Fukuoka Factory
    (Nakama-City , Fukuoka pref.)

  • Iwaki Factory
    (Iwaki-City , Fukushima pref.)

Company Information

  • Tel.+81-3-6273-4621 Fax.+81-3-5222-0021
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